Choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision when it comes to planning for your big day. There's hundreds out there to choose from so how do you know the best one for you? The biggest indicator is whether you love their work or not. If they told you they were fully booked that day, would you be disappointed? If so, they're probably the right one. But don't make your mind up before chatting to your photographer and making sure you're going to get on. I mean, you'll be spending the entire day together! 

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days in your life. It's a big milestone and everyone around you will be brimming with happiness. When you choose me to photograph your big day, I won't get in the way of those special moments - I'll simply watch from the sidelines, capturing the small details that may otherwise go unnoticed. I'm a sucker for a good wedding and will mingle easily with your guests making sure they're as comfortable in front of the camera as possible. 

I've cried, laughed and danced at weddings. I've helped brides do up their dresses, I've carried flowers, I've even helped jump-start the wedding car! When you book your wedding photographer, you're booking more than just a service. It's the part of your day you'll treasure forever. 

"We were over the moon with the photographs from our special day. We wanted a photographer who could just blend in with our guests but yet still capture those special moments during the day. Natasha met this brief superbly and the result was amazing pictures - just what we wanted. We love browsing through our photos to remind us of our fantastic day." - Lynda & Steve