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The Highlands 2019

I loooooove Scotland! It's landscape is just out of this world and so close to home (kind of).

For four days, we drove through the highlands, stopping at some of the most iconic viewpoints on the way.

Our first stop was Edinburgh where we spent a lovely day wandering Princes Street, visiting the castle and walking through the parks. Next up was Inverness. On the way we stopped at Aviemore for a much-needed, refreshing hike. We took a short route (5km) through the Craigellachie National Park which took us through a lovely birchwood before emerging high up above Aviemore. We were even treated to the view of a high loch (Loch Dubh) which was an unexpected surprise.

After spending the night in Inverness, we travelled along the A82 north of Loch Ness to the Isle of Skye, stopping to try and spot Nessie on the way.

We landed in Skye at around 4pm giving us just enough sunshine to walk the route up to the Fairy Pools along the River Brittle. Luckily we were only caught in a major downpour for around 5 minutes before blue skies appeared again, giving us the chance to get a clear shot of the Fairy Pools at sunset.

We then dropped down to Fort William and spent the night, waking up to spectacular views across the valley and out onto the loch. After breakfast, we carried on south through Glencoe, stopping at the site of the Three Sisters to take in the spectacular view, before continuing on to Carlisle for a pitstop before heading home.

Hopefully next time we're that far north we'll be as lucky as we were this time with the weather!

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