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Preparing for your newborn photography session

Those cutesy, cuddly newborn photographs are an absolute must because within a blink of an eye your precious bundle of joy will be tearing round the house, leaving a trail of mass destruction in their wake.

So it's good to sit down and remember the "easy days" every once in a while, plus who can resist turning their baby into a little burrito for the sake of photography?

If you're reading this, the likelihood is your expecting soon, so congratulations, the best days are yet to come! If you've booked with me already, thank you, I can't wait to meet you and your family. If you haven't booked yet, be sure to drop me a line and we'll talk details!

Before the day

Regardless of how or when your baby enters this world, you're probably going to be very very tired so luckily there's absolutely nothing for you to plan before your photoshoot. Please don't feel the need to "Hinch" your house just because I'm popping round, I'm here to capture precious moments of your baby, not to have a nosey around your home! However all I ask is you let me know as soon as baby arrives and you're able to take your eyes off them for a few minutes to send me a quick message. We can then book in a date for the shoot, usually between 4-14 days old, although I have photographed babies up to 6 weeks old before so don't worry if you're a little late.

On the day

There's a few things you can do on the day of your photoshoot to try and make things flow a little easier. I say try, you'll realise soon enough that babies are incredibly unpredictable.

Pick a large, warm room

First of all make sure the room we are shooting your newborn photography session in is nice and warm and free of any drafts. We want baby to be as cosy as possible as they'll likely only be in a thin wrap for most of the session. It's also recommended you pick a room with plenty of open space as my setup is approximately 1.5m x 1.5m. Living rooms or conservatories are usually the best options.

Feed baby in a nappy

I also recommend newborns are fed in a nappy wrapped in a blanket around 45 minutes before I arrive. This gives them time to settle down after their feed and eliminates the need to undress them once asleep which often results in screams! Don't worry though, if they get hungry during the session we'll take plenty of break so you can feed. There's absolutely no rush to finish the shoot and we'll go at baby's pace.

Gathering props

I have plenty of background colours to choose from for both boys and girls, along with a selection of wraps, blankets, headbands, dungarees, trousers and hats that we can use during the session. However, you are more than welcome to select any of your own items to use in the photos to make them more personal to you. I love including items of sentimental value so please don't be shy!

Sit back and relax

You've done the hard work, brining to life into the world, so during your session please just sit back and relax. If you do have any further questions please don't hesitate to email me on hello@natasha-brooks.co.uk before your newborn photography session and I'll answer any questions you may have.

Natasha x

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