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5 Thing You Should Know Before Your Newborn Session

Newborn photography sessions are becoming increasingly popular, and when your tiny little bundle arrives, you'll know why! Capturing those precious first moments on camera is every new parent's dream and having someone do it for you while you relax is even better.

Your newborn photography session may be the first time you leave the house with your little one, and so it can be a bit daunting. I've put together this quick guide to help you understand what to expect on the day so you can be as prepared as your new baby will allow you to be!

1 Timing

I like to book newborn photography sessions for the morning as this is when babies are often the most settled, however as I'll soon be returning to my part time job, weekday sessions will be early afternoon. This is still a great time for babies as they often sleep most of the day anyway!

Sessions can take up to around 2 hours (or more) and so I only ever book one per day, to ensure we can all relax and let baby take the lead. Newborns are at the most sleepy stage for the first 2 weeks, making this the perfect time for those adorable sleepy photos. However, I've photographed newborns up to 6 weeks old and they've been a dream so don't worry if you're a bit late booking, or for any other reason couldn't book for those first two weeks.

2 Feeding

Before your newborn photography session, it's a good idea to feed your baby as much as possible to keep them nice and sleepy - even if this is a small top up feed after their main one. Many parents choose to do this once they arrive for their session to settle baby after getting them out of the carseat. During your session, your baby will probably want lots of mummy and daddy cuddles, as well as feeds. Don't worry about this at all, I have my own baby and know exactly how they work. We'll take it slow to let baby adapt to their new surroundings, even if this means lots of feeds during the shoot!

3 Clothing

It's best to arrive at your session with baby dressed in loose clothing that's easy to remove. I have a variety of wraps, dungarees and rompers that you can make use of so for the most part, baby will only need to be in their nappy. We all know how much they hate being undressed, so by keeping this loose, we can try and keep baby as happy as possible!

4 Family photos

I'm based at Corby Gymnastics Academy with a small but cosy studio. This means I can offer sibling and family photos for you to cherish! If you do wish to get involved in some photos, I highly recommend wearing neutral clothing, whites, greys, or creams, to create a timeless effect for generations to come.

5 Afterwards

Once the newborn photography session has ended, I'll send over 3 preview images. If you're happy, I'll also share these on my social media channels. I'll then begin to work on your full gallery, often uploading around 30-50 images for you to choose from. You'll be able to select 10 of your favourite images (plus the 3 previews) or if you wish to purchase more, you can do so for £10 each! And don't worry, if you hadn't initially wanted the wooden photo box but change your mind, you can purchase this separately for £50 (including all the prints!)

I try to make my packages as straightforward as possible so there are no hidden costs or hefty bills at the end! I love love love printed photographs so highly recommend the personalised photo box, but you will be able to print your own from the standard package too.

If you have any further questions about your session, just give me a shout!

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