Newborns change within minutes of coming into our world and it's certainly not long before they're walking talking and asking for money to go on their first night out! The first few weeks, months and even years are often a blur so it's important to catch those first few moments while your baby is still so small. Newborn photography sessions are best between the age of 5 and 15 days as you'll figure out, babies sleep a lot at this point. And even if they're not sleeping, they wriggle, twist and turn in the most adorable ways. Newborn photography sessions with me are completely baby-led. There are no awkward poses that might upset your baby and if they want feeding, need a nappy change or don't want to sleep, that's absolutely fine. I never rush the sessions and times are only guidelines, if we need a little longer, I'll more than happy stay for some extra cuddles. 

If you're expecting a baby, get in touch as soon as possible. Due dates aren't always right but at least I can pencil you in until your bundle of joy arrives. Once they're here, give me a call and we'll get a day and time sorted to carry out your newborn photography session.