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I understand it has been over 2 months since my last post but sometimes life just gets in the way, right? 

In October 2016 I was asked to capture beauty of newborn Ella. At just 1 week old she was already interested in the camera and kept looking around to see what was going on.

Ella, newborn, 1 week oldElla, newborn, 1 week old
This week I was asked to photograph her again. Celebrating just 6 months of life and she is already picking up so many skills! This gorgeous little girl sat so well while I photographed away making precious memories for the whole family.

I really look forward to watching her flourish! Photograph of baby sitting Photograph of baby close of up eyes and face

Jo’s Graduation

So on the top of my own graduation on Friday 17th July, I also had the pleasure of photographing another young lady’s graduation celebrations. On Saturday I met Jo and her family outside a church in our local town. Sadly as a result of restricted numbers of tickets Jo’s younger brother and sister were unable to attend her ceremony and therefore asked for my help in creating long-lasting photographs so the event could never be forgotten.

I hope I did just that…


Collins_06 Collins_10 Collins_33

Collins_15 Collins_16 Collins_19 Collins_21 Collins_34