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Have you ever seen such a thing?

“Until its discovery by Europeans in the early 1636, it was thought that all swans were white in colour.” (Ponnamperuma)

Well it goes without saying that yes, there really is such a thing as a black swan. Not just  movie title but an actual bird, cruising the lakes and waterways of Britain. Fortunately for me, I came across a pair of these stunning creatures this week. Whilst out trying to capture images of ‘reflections’, the theme posted by a local photographic page for the month, I ventured out towards a little village named Blatherwycke, just a few miles from my home. Sadly the morning sunshine had disappeared behind light cloud and the wonderful water reflections I was hoping for turned out to be less than average. However stumbling across these to beauties made the morning even more special.


black swans on lake in england



Happy Saturday!

Saturday’s are supposed to be the regular persons day off. Nothing makes me more excited than having the chance to get out with my camera, especially when it is to photograph the greatest love between two people or the sheer joy that can radiate from a child playing. This year I can only wish for more opportunities to use my Saturday’s off to do the things I love most. Work isn’t work when you love it, right?! 

Winter Mornings

As much as I hate getting out of bed on cold, dark, winter mornings the award for doing so is always worth it. Once the covers are peeled back, the boots are on and my fingers are slowly freezing an opportunity arises and it is usually not one to miss. 

Last week, such a thing happened. I was out near my local church admiring the frosty white grass and golden sunshine when I met a lovely man. After a couple of minutes chatting we said our goodbyes, but not before asking if he would be the subject for a few photographs. Thank you for agreeing! 

Blogging from my phone. Yay!

So I just realised by downloading an app I can now blog from my phone! This is exciting for me as it means all those phone shots I take now have a chance of getting online 🙂 It also means I will post alot more often as I don’t have to sit down and plan blog time. It can happen whenever and wherever 😁 Enjoy my new found freedom…

New Life

Isn’t new life wonderful? So sweet, innocent and pure. To think that when a baby is born, 9 months before it did not exist. It grew from two single cells, into a living, breathing human being. A very dependant human being but a human nevertheless. To think that something so complex can simply just grow in a matter of just 40 weeks. It still amazes me how life works and if I get too distracted I will probably start writing an essay right here about it rather than showing you these beautiful photographs…



sophie43 copy


Innocence is a Child

Have you ever wandered what keeps humanity from tearing itself apart? Could it be the innocence of a child, that stops us in our feat to destroy the world. Children have the most beautiful souls. Their eyes remind us of a simpler life, when all that mattered was what colour shoes would look best with that dress, or if your friend had finished dinner yet so you could go out to play. Children stop us from being vultures. We ensure that we behave civilisied whilst in their company. We play their games, read them fantasies, believe in their dreams. Without children, humanity would cease to imagine, cease to believe.








Oh dear, its been a long time!

Hey there,

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I last updated my blog and that is after trying to make a pact that I will update at least once or twice a month! I have clearly been lacking in self-motivation. However, after having almost a year off from studying photography I am back into the swing of things and have some exciting new projects coming to life. Please stay tuned as I will hopefully be unveiling one of my first portrait projects since leaving uni very soon!


Lots of love


English Rain

As well as the title of one of Gabrielle Aplin’s amazing albums, it has also been chosen to title this next blog post. English rain, what can we say about English rain. Growing up during wet Augusts, wet Octobers and wet Marchs I have become reasonably accustomed to rain. However, taking a short break to Bournemouth this weekend reinstated my negative feelings toward English rain!

Luckily our first day by the seaside was very pleasant. A nice round 21 degrees and a surprisingly warming 16 degree sea temperature. (I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was the Mediterranean). The swarm of massive jelly fish blobbing around wasn’t even enough to deter me from getting into the water. Thankfully I took the plunge as the next couple of days would have made the 16 degrees I was faced with feel like hot bath water!

English weather is great for photography though. Sky’s almost constantly dotted with clouds add a depth to landscape photography that you just can’t get anywhere else.














Jo’s Graduation

So on the top of my own graduation on Friday 17th July, I also had the pleasure of photographing another young lady’s graduation celebrations. On Saturday I met Jo and her family outside a church in our local town. Sadly as a result of restricted numbers of tickets Jo’s younger brother and sister were unable to attend her ceremony and therefore asked for my help in creating long-lasting photographs so the event could never be forgotten.

I hope I did just that…


Collins_06 Collins_10 Collins_33

Collins_15 Collins_16 Collins_19 Collins_21 Collins_34