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Photography is a universal language. It shouldn’t need to be explained or translated by the photographer or the viewer. It speaks for itself.

I am Natasha and I photograph with the intention of reaching out to everyone, telling stories that cannot always be told with words. The photographs I make reflect life as I see it. I work in many different areas including documentary and travel, weddings and portraits.

I am primarily based in Northamptonshire and have recently completed a degree in photography at the University of Northampton. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or my Facebook page if you’re interested in working together. I’m always open to new opportunities.

I work as a photographer alongside my full-time job as a copywriter. If I’m not busy doing either of these things I spend time coaching gymnastics at our local club, spending time with family and drinking hot chocolate.

Email: Enquire@natasha-brooks.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/natashabrooksphotographer

Natasha standing in the road, Iran