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Month: August 2015

English Rain

As well as the title of one of Gabrielle Aplin’s amazing albums, it has also been chosen to title this next blog post. English rain, what can we say about English rain. Growing up during wet Augusts, wet Octobers and wet Marchs I have become reasonably accustomed to rain. However, taking a short break to Bournemouth this weekend reinstated my negative feelings toward English rain!

Luckily our first day by the seaside was very pleasant. A nice round 21 degrees and a surprisingly warming 16 degree sea temperature. (I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was the Mediterranean). The swarm of massive jelly fish blobbing around wasn’t even enough to deter me from getting into the water. Thankfully I took the plunge as the next couple of days would have made the 16 degrees I was faced with feel like hot bath water!

English weather is great for photography though. Sky’s almost constantly dotted with clouds add a depth to landscape photography that you just can’t get anywhere else.