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Month: June 2015

And Breathe!

So over the last two weeks, since the opening of the Northampton University Summer Show, I have attended two weddings, another exhibition opening, three visits to London and worked my socks off in-between! I can honestly say its true when they say the next step is always the hardest, but always the most rewarding.

As a result of the Summer Show exhibition I have been approached by a man who would love to help get my project In Love with a Serviceman as an exclusive on BBC Look East! This would be such an incredible opportunity to showcase my work to a wider audience. I will also use the opportunity to help raise awareness of the difficulties some military families face and to help the general public come to terms with the differences between military life and civilian life. Although they are two completely different experiences ultimately we are all human, we all want a family, a job and a place to call home. (Well most of us I presume).

Next was Free Range. What an incredible experience! I will probably have to post again regarding this exhibition as I really want to add some photographs which I do not have with me right now.

Looking ahead I cannot wait to start working in Birmingham in August teaching photography to young people with NCS The Challenge. The weekly project will bring young people into contact with those they would never usually encounter including the elderly, disabled, people with mental issues, homeless people and so on. The aim is to help the young people connect with others using their chosen media (my group will be using photography). I think it is going to be so eye-opening for the young people themselves, but also for myself as I will also be facing situations I have never faced before.

University of Northampton. It was nice to get to know you!

Thursday 11th June saw the opening of the University of Northampton’s Summer Degree Show. Three years of hard work – over. It was quite emotional getting together with people I met three years ago when I started the HND but also seeing those who I have only had nine months to try and get to know since starting the third year of my journey at Northampton University last year.


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The summer show private view had such an incredible vibe to it. Gourmet bbq’d burgers, a protest about tuition fees and free ice-cream. Every students dream. Everyone who was exhibiting just seemed ecstatic that their work was finally out there for public scrutiny. It is our first step into the world of public showings. You probably can’t even begin to understand my excitement when I was approached by a gentlemen who was more than happy to help me to push my documentary series, In Love with a Serviceman to the newspapers. I will update you again on the progress of this!



Kindly tweeted by @uninorthants

I have met some great people since embarking on my photography degree and some who I guess I won’t be expecting to see any time soon, but I do believe each individual I have come across has given me something. Wether that be positive or negative, a challenge or a confidence boost. I have definitely preferred the amount of people around during this third year of university. The numbers of students on the HND dropped to around 10 after the two years but having at least 30 on the BA course was a really great experience. There were so many more people to bounce ideas off and there was a much bigger feeling of community rather than everyone grouping off together.


I have dabbled in fashion, street, editorial, studio, documentary, graphics, still life and each time I gained a little bit more knowledge and understanding of how the photography sector works. I understand that as a photographer you do not need to be affluent at every aspect of photography but in fact should pick a pathway and do your absolute best to achieve your highest potential in that particular sector. This is actually harder than it sounds!